Tattoos That Will Shock and Awe Any Audience


Celebrities are the major trendsetters – they change the direction of fashion according to what they wear. As trendsetters, what do Madonna, Britney Spears, Stephanie Pratt, Maitland Ward and Jodie Marsh have in common? Not only are they shedding the layers, they all have the balls to have their intimate areas inked. They may not always be the best- dressed, but these ladies must be a special breed to pull off something like this. Considering the intense pain of being tattoed in that particular spot, I should add that these women are extremely brave to do so. So now a new trend is sweeping the world, thanks to these gals who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. So let’s start with Madonna’s tattoo on the part where her pubic hair used to be:

1. Madonna’s Nike Vag Tattoo

The Queen of Pop posted this picture (supposedly hers) to promote the Women’s March against Trump last year, a Nike swoosh, as a subtle symbol to call for action – as if to say “let’s do it”.

2. Maitland Ward Side Vag Tattoo

Maitland Ward of White Chicks isn’t one to play by the rules. The naughty actress even had issues with Snapchat because of her racy pics but that didn’t stop her from pushing the limits. Because of her, the saying “Vag tattoos are the new black” came to be.

3. Britney Spears

Well, this may not be exactly a vag tattoo, but very close to it, and you’re gonna see the real thing very soon. I just can’t resist this take on Britney Spears’ intimate tattoo, knowing that she intended it to be the Chinese symbol for “mysterious” yet missed the mark and ended up with “strange” instead. Either way, she has definitely helped set the trend for intimate tattoos.

4. Jodie Marsh

Glamour model and bodybuilder Jodie Marsh definitely nails it on a woman’s most forbidden place, a design that whispers the most provocative invitation.

Now let’s move on to the real thing… so brace yourself to what’s coming next.

5. Butterfly Vag Tattoo

Scruples and false modesty aside, I’m sure you’d agree with me that this is a cute thing. And why not? Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life and what better place to ink them but in the portal of life?

6. Hippie

This Hippie is either in heaven or in hell, depending on the circumstances, er smell 🙂

7. Cute Anime

I must admit this one has crossed the line, but not really bad if your man has a vast sense of humor 🙂

8. Homer from The Simpsons

Not exactly where I want my tattoo, but Homer looks happy, so…

9. Floral Vag Tattoo

Now this is a breath of fresh air… at least no one can say that this is done in bad taste

10. Tiger Pussy

A tiger in bed and a wildcat on a pussy – they go perfectly well together

11. Mandala Vag Tattoo

12. Skull and Cupcakes

13. Butterfly Vag Tattoo

14. Linework Vag Tattoo

Shouldn’t we just remove the dragon?

15. Roses

16. Origami Swans

Now Origami swans that are as graceful as these can grace the cherry with much grace 🙂

17. Cutie Cupcake

Does what come next as tasty a treat as this?

18. Lotus Mandala

I just love the story behind this lotus vag tattoo. It seems that this lady made a mistake of having the text “eat me” inked on her private parts and she was complaining it was ruining her sex life and caused her embarrassing moments with her ob-gyn. Anyways, some tattoo fixers helped her change her stupid mistake to something lovely as her flower.

19. Butterfly Ass and Vag Tattoo

Ouch! This looks painful, but life is a mix of pain and joys, as this area connotes

20. Angelina Jolie

Finally, someone as beautiful and enchanting as Angelina Jolie can get away with any tattoo any time, anywhere.


  1. Right. “If your man has a vast sense of humor”.. or if he’s, ya know, a pedophile. I usually do not give a damn about what other people do, but this is geniunely sick, total degenerate sh!t.

  2. For everyone freaking out over the ‘baby tattoo’, it’s not real.
    It’s a photoshop and was exposed as such back in the mid-2000’s.
    Not sure why it’s on this list, other than it didn’t have any vetting or was just placed for shock value.

  3. Baby anime tattoo is just wrong. Pedophelia is what that’s called and not sense of humor. This should not be included on the list, it should not be promoted and it should be removed.


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